242 - Tourism

2022, 2021

The discussion ends 06.05.2022

Specialty: 242 Tourism

Educational level first (bachelor's).

Name of educational and professional program: "Tourism"

Project team leader: Lyudmila GRIGORYEVA, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Assoc.

Comments and suggestions: please send remarks to Grigoriev L.V, to the e-mail address grigorievalv@ukr.net

The discussion ends 20.07.2021

Specialty:  242  Туризм

Educational level ПЕРШИЙ (БАКАЛАВРСЬКИЙ)

Name of educational and professional program: Tourism

Гарант  (Керівник проєктної групи): Людмила ГРИГОР’ЄВА

Comments and suggestions: прохання надсилати  Людмилі Григор’євій  на електронну адресу  grigorievalv@ukr.net