About the university

Khmelnytskyi National University is the biggest higher education institution in the Podillya region. It represents Ukrainian education and science at all levels, complementing its achievements.

During 60 years of its existence, the university has passed the way from the general technical faculty of Ivan Fedorov Ukrainian Polygraphic Institute to Khmelnytskyi National University. The scientific and pedagogical staff of the university gave a start to ten thousand of highly qualified specialists. The graduates of Khmelnytskyi National University successfully work in various spheres of the economy, represent the university in the state executive bodies, local self-government, work in industry and scientific sphere, sports, culture, art and broaden horizons in international relations.

Khmelnytskyi National University trains specialists of such educational degrees as Bachelor, Master and Doctor of Philosophy in 43 specialities at 142 educational programs.

The university's modern material and technical base, highly qualified scientific and pedagogical staff carry out professional training to form the students' key competencies necessary to meet the labour market needs.

The training of future specialists at the university is provided by 8 faculties and a training centre for distance learning, which joins 44 departments that offer educational services in the following fields of knowledge: information technology, management and administration, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, automation and instrumentation, chemical and bioengineering, electrical engineering and telecommunications, production and technology, architecture and construction, agrarian sciences and food, physical culture, health care, social work, civic security, educational and pedagogical sciences, culture and arts, humanities, social and behavioural sciences, law, natural sciences, mathematics and statistics, international relations and tourism etc.

Applicants for higher education can study at a military training program for reserve officers, participate in academic mobility programs, and receive a European diploma.

More than six thousand students study at the university. The educational process is provided by 539 full-time scientific and pedagogical staff, including 95 doctors of sciences, professors and 374 candidates of sciences, associate professors.

The University is a well-known educational, scientific and cultural centre in Ukraine and abroad. It has 11 educational, research and production centres, including various levels of educational institutions and enterprises, 24 research schools, graduate and doctoral studies, 3 permanent specialized scientific councils for the defence of dissertations and obtaining the degrees of Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor of Science. The university publishes 8 scientific journals.

In the framework of the energy-saving program, the university has 8 roof solar power stations, which allows it to meet its own electricity needs.

The university has also created appropriate conditions for physical culture and sports, amateur art and recreation in the botanical garden.

Choosing Khmelnytskyi National University for study - you choose your future!