081 Law

The program of "online visit" of the expert group during the accreditation examination in remote (remote) mode in the specialty "081 Law" of the educational program "Law" (ID in EDEBO 23480) at the first level of higher education (case № 0455 / АС-21) at Khmelnytsky National University in accordance with the order of the National Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education № 457-E of 04.03.2021

Information on self-assessment of the educational program

Educational and professional program. 2017

Educational and professional program. 2019

Curriculum. 2017

Curriculum. 2019

Review of the Head of the Department of Civil Law Disciplines of the Faculty of Law of Lviv State Department of Internal Affairs Yuriy Yurkevich

Review by Doctor of Law, Professor Kobyletsky VV

Review of the executive director of the public organization "Podilska Legal League" A.O. Ploshchynska

Review of the First Deputy Prosecutor of Khmelnytsky Region SI Romasya

Review of the chairman of the Khmelnytsky microdistrict court TM Batsuci

Відкрита зустріч з експертною групою: ЄДБО 23480; ХНУ, ОП “Право”
Час: 23 березня 2020 11:00
Підключитись до конференції
Ідентифікатор конференції: 715 7041 7944
Код доступу: 2021

Report of the expert group "On the results of the accreditation examination of the educational program 081 Law"

Conclusion of the branch expert council on the possibility of accreditation of the educational program

Decisions on the results of the accreditation case