053 - Psychology

2022, 2021

Рік введення в дію: 2022
Year of entry into force: 2021

Specialty: 053 Psychology

Name of educational program: Educational and professional program Psychology

Guarantor of the educational program T.V. Komar, Ph.D., Assoc.

The purpose of the educational program: Training of highly intelligent specialists who have the methodology of scientific and pedagogical activities, able to solve complex educational and professional practical problems of innovative nature in the field of psychology, which includes scientific and psychological research and professional activities based on universal values ​​and professional ethics of psychologists

The main focus of the educational program and specialization: Special education in the field of social and behavioral sciences, specialty psychology.

Features of the program: The program is aimed at training specialists in psychology, taking into account sectoral and regional contexts, aimed at providing psychological assistance to socially vulnerable groups and people in difficult life circumstances, the implementation of pedagogical activities. work not only on the basis of practice, but also in the conditions as close as possible to professional activity on the basis of centers and laboratories ,operating at KhNU at the Department of Psychology and Pedagogy: Khmelnytsky Psychological Center, Educational and Laboratory of Medical and Psychological Research, Center for Innovative Pedagogy and Psychology, Laboratory of Inclusive Pedagogy.