231 - Social work. Social pedagogy

2023, 2022, 2019

Year of entry into force: 2023
Year of entry into force: 2022
Year of entry into force: 2019

Specialty: 231 Social work

Name of educational program: Educational and professional program "Social work. Social pedagogy »

The purpose of the educational program: Training of specialists capable of solving complex specialized problems and applied problems of educational and social sphere, including management of social processes and processes that take place in individual personality development, which involves the use of certain theories and methods of social work, socio-pedagogical activities and characterized by complexity and uncertainty of conditions, and focused on further professional self-education.

The main focus of the educational program and specialization: The program focuses on special education in the field of social work and social pedagogy. It is based on general scientific principles, modern experience of practical social work, focuses on current socio-pedagogical activities and qualifications, within which professional activity is possible.

Features of the program: The program is aimed at special training of specialists in the field of social work and socio-pedagogical activities in the educational and social spheres.