035 – Філологія. Українська мова і література

2021, 2020, 2016

Year of entry into force: 2021

Specialty: 035 Philology

Name of educational program: Philology. Ukrainian language and literature

The purpose of the educational program: Training of specialists capable of solving complex specialized problems and practical problems in the field of philology, characterized by complexity and uncertainty of conditions, namely in activities related to analysis, creation (including translation) and evaluation of written and oral texts of various genres and styles , the organization of successful communication in the Ukrainian language.

The main focus of the educational program and specialization: Special education in the field of humanities, specialty "Philology". Emphasis on the ability to organize the educational process in the Ukrainian language and literature. Keywords: philology, Ukrainian studies, linguistics, literary studies, language units, literary works, texts, typology, analysis, characteristics.

Features of the program: Innovative and research nature of specialized humanitarian training in the specialty "Philology" based on the integration of philological and pedagogical activities ..

Year of entry into force: 2020

Specialty: 035 Philology

Year of entry into force: 2016

Specialty: 035 Philology