014 – Середня освіта (Українська мова і література)

2021, 2020

Year of entry into force: 2021
Year of entry into force: 2020

Specialty: 014 Secondary education

Name of educational program: Educational and professional program Secondary education (Ukrainian language and literature)

The purpose of the educational program: Formation of the personality of a specialist who is able to solve typical professional tasks related to the organization and implementation of the educational process in the Ukrainian language and literature and have the professional and personal qualities of a teacher.

The main focus of the educational program and specialization: Special education in the field of education / pedagogy in the specialty "Secondary education". Emphasis on the ability to organize and carry out the educational process in the Ukrainian language and literature, foreign literature.

Features of the program: Interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary training of specialists in Ukrainian philology, which gives them the right to teach in secondary schools, using innovative technologies and research skills in specialized humanitarian training in the specialty "Secondary Education". The program provides in-depth knowledge and practical skills of foreign languages ​​in the specialty.