072 - Finance, banking and insurance


Year of entry into force: 2020

Specialty: 072 Finance, Banking and Insurance

Name of educational program: Educational and professional program Finance, Banking and Insurance

The purpose of the educational program: Training of the nation's intellectual elite, highly professional, spiritually rich, patriotic citizens and specialists in finance, banking and insurance, who are able to make managerial decisions in professional activities or in the learning process, providing mastery of system knowledge, advanced competencies and program results. develop the potential of their competitiveness in the domestic and international labor markets, characterized by uncertain conditions and requirements

The main focus of the educational program and specialization: Main subjects - compulsory subjects of general and professional training (73.3%). Disciplines of free choice of the student, which complement the general and special (professional) competencies, are 26.7%. Application of methods, techniques and technologies of financial science implemented through the use of modern information and analytical systems and standard, special and industry software products in combination with financial theory and practice of financial and economic process management based on interdisciplinary approach, mastering innovative methods of professional activity in finance , banking and insurance.

Features of the program: Special education in the field of 07 "Management and Administration" in the specialty 072 "Finance, Banking and Insurance" with a comprehensive approach to training professionals in finance, banking and insurance, which is implemented through the deepening of research competencies and knowledge of special sections of fundamental and professional disciplines. , providing multi-vector professional activity